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Dear visitors of our beautiful gathering,


We write this statement with a heavy and broken heart to tell you that our permit was revoked today by the Dutch court. We are extremely sad, overwhelmed and quite frankly shocked by this ruling. This means that there will be no Psy-Fi festival this year, something that we think all of us have been looking so much forward too, especially after these two tough years of Covid.

We hope you understand that we need some time to process this news, talk to our lawyers and make plans on how to deal with this situation.

We will of course do anything we can to refund all of you and get back to you as soon as we can regarding your tickets.

We have continued to fight over the past years for our right to gather and now this time, after many court cases, we unfortunately lost.


We thank you for your loyal support with all our hearts and soul and truly hope that one day we can all gather again. You are all beautiful and we are grateful that we had the honor to have you as our audience.


The Psy-Fi team

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