Our campsite is open from August the 17th at noon till August the 25th at noon. So more than one whole week to enjoy the nature surrounding the festival! See you there!



Campervans and cars:

We would like to make the camping experience more chilled for everyone. This means less vehicles on the campsite so there is more space to walk around, camp comfortably and nature does not look like a car park. We also need the space for our services, such as cleaning the toilets.


There are 80 hot and cold showers in total on a central spot on the campsites. About 50 flushing toilets and 300 eco dixie toilets are spread around the area, they are cleaned twice a day.


There are also several water points where you can get free drinking water.


Electrical charging points can be found on the festival terrain and in the info shop, free of charge.


Stay with us is in your own Kartent.

This tent is 100% recycled and will be recycled again after the festival. It's made 100% of cardboard. It's water proof, can stand months of rain and you can draw on it as much as you please, so be creative :) You can even take it home with you if you like.

Kartents are 1.6m x 2.2m in size.

If you have any specific questions regarding your Kartent, please visit the website:

Click here for reservations


Festipi resort:

Book a 3 meter diameter luxury tipi to ensure your comfort during your stay on the festival.

Each Tipi can sleep easily 2 persons, contains two 1 person mattresses, bedding and pillows.

Get your  reservation here