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Dear beloved visitor of our yearly gathering, 


Every year we join in a celebration of life, freedom and love. In only eight years Psy-Fi has become a home for many of you, a place where we connect closely with each other on many levels, where we dance in unity and live in harmony, even if it’s only for nine days. We live a whole year towards that moment when our gates open and we can welcome all of you. Those are the very best days of our year.

We’ve spent our past year preparing for Psy-Fi 2021, in the hope that we could all meet once again on our beautiful venue. It’s been a tough year, full of uncertainty but full of hope and desire to dance, connect and hug like we used to do.

With full anticipation we’ve been waiting for news from our government regarding the development around the covid 19 situation. The terms and conditions for all festivals in the Netherlands are now still not 100% clear but the government has made a statement of what we can expect. Unfortunately those terms and conditions make it very risky, if not impossible for us to deliver a festival that has core values such as freedom, close connections, high quality decoration and music delivery.

As we wish to give you the experience you deserve, we have decided not to produce a festival in 2021. Instead we are going to focus fully on 2022. We trust that by then life is back to normal and that we are able to all do what we love to do so much.

We realize the whole pandemic is a very tough situation for all of us. Nevertheless those of you that hold a 2020 ticket have been very generous and patient with us by accepting a voucher or even by (partially) donating the ticket. Not only are we still here because of that, those acts of kindness in such hard times have raised our spirits tremendously. We will not give up. We will do anything to keep the Psy-Fi spirit alive so that one day we will meet again on the dance floor.

We realize we already asked so much of you but the reality is we need to do so again. Only with your support we can make our mutual dreams reality again.


If you have a voucher for the 2021 festival, you will receive an email shortly with all your ticket options.

Those that have requested a refund don’t have to do anything and will be refunded in September this year as promised.


Thank you all once more for your patience, love and support! You are all very dear to our hearts and we wish for nothing more than to gather once again.

With love and respect, the Psy-F team.


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