Dear beloved visitor of our yearly gathering, 


Every year we join in a celebration of life, freedom and love. In only eight years Psy-Fi has become a home for many of you, a place where we connect closely with each other on many levels, where we dance in unity and live in harmony, even if it’s only for nine days. We live a whole year towards that moment when our gates open and we can welcome all of you. Those are the very best days of our year.

Our gathering is built throughout the year by us, but it’s powered by you. It’s only because of your support and trust that we can continue to perfect our festival and to survive as an organization. We feel truly blessed to be part of this global community and are thankful to have all of you behind us. We see your support in good times through many emails, hugs, smiles and kind words, but even more so we are feeling the power of community in these uncertain times where we need each other the most.  For that we would like to thank all of you.


Today, April 21st 2020, the Dutch government has announced the news that all events in the Netherlands will be cancelled until the 1st of September. This news has hit us hard even though we all felt it coming, we kept hoping for better news.


This means we have a few very big challenges ahead of us. First of all we want to ensure our survival. The festival is mostly financed by the money collected from the tickets we sell. The last bit of our budget is finalized during the festival with the bar, supermarket and market street revenue. This covers not only the festival as you know it (artists, decorations, security, soundsystems etc) but pays for a lot of necessary behind the scenes stuff like our office, storages, transportation, dozens of subscriptions and the salaries for those that dedicate a lot of their time, passion and energy to our festival.


Secondly dozens of people have already spend hundreds of hours in preparation of the festival and, of course, have been paid accordingly. In many cases suppliers have received a down payment. We have done what we always do and what is expected of us: to invest in a yearly festival and make it as awesome as possible. However in this case that means that most of the revenue we have received this year is already spend. Some of this money we might be able to get back though in a lot of cases the work has actually been done and nobody can work for free.


That brings us to the elephant in the room: ticket refunds. Even though we have a no refund policy we feel that you have the right to get what you paid for. At the same time giving each and everyone of you a refund would mean the end of the Psy-Fi festival and even after sacrificing everything we still won’t be able to refund everybody.  


The middle way is to offer you a voucher allowing you to move your ticket to 2021. At the end of the line a voucher doesn’t differ much from a ticket refund. A voucher can ensure short term survival but is still a big problem for us in the long term since so much of that ticket money has been spend on a festival that will not happen. For that reason we would like to ask those of you who want to support us not ask for a ticket voucher but to consider your ticket as a donation to keep our gathering going for the years to come.  


After a lot of requests we also added a donation button to our website for those of you who haven’t bought a ticket yet but would still like to support us in these troublesome times.


For us this is a moment of truth. We have been on a crazy rollercoaster for the last 8 years with huge ups and downs and we are definitely not done yet. We can only hope that our community has enjoyed the festivals like we have and wants us to keep on going.


We are working on a proper infrastructure to be able to offer the ticket vouchers. Please keep an eye on our website and facebook page the coming days.


Thank you once more for your trust and support, with love and gratitude, the Psy-Fi team