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How can I donate and why should I?

You can make a donation of any size simply by clicking the "donation" button below.  Any donation is very much appreciated and needed.
































































At the moment we live in very uncertain times, we have no idea what the future brings us. What we do know however is that we will do everything in our power to keep our community alive. 

For those who can and like to support us in these times we offer you to get your tickets cheaper in the future together with many other incentives.

We ask our family members to support us now when we need it the most. Become a part of the family now by donating the value of a ticket (170 Euro) to us. Here is what we will give you in return for your support:

- A Lifelong early access to 1st phase sales. You will receive a unique family member code that allows you to buy your 1st phase ticket before the official ticket sales open.

- A Lifelong early access to mobile home ticket sales. You will receive a unique family member code that allows you to buy your mobile home ticket before the official ticket sales open. 

- 10% discount on any item purchased in our webshop.

- In the future you will keep updated on all our special offers for our family members.



-We open the ticketshop specially for our family members 48 hours before the official opening for you to use your unique access code. 

we do have limited mobile home and 1st phase tickets available so these tickets will still be sold on a first come, first serve basis, also for our family members. When the 1st phase is sold out to other family members such as yourself, you will automatically have the option to buy a 2nd phase ticket

Why we choose for donations instead of a crowdfund? We honestly don't exactly know how much money we need to collect in order to survive right now. It depends on too many variables such as; how many people donate their ticket? how many of them choose a voucher? How many suppliers are able to give us back investments and downpayment that are already made, when can we start selling tickets for 2022? Are there ways to lower our fixed costs for the next year?  Etc. etc.

We do give you our promise that every cent that is donated and not used directly for the survival of our festival organisation, will be used for improving the festival. In that way your donation will always contribute to keeping Psy-Fi alive and improving.

When the time comes that we have a better overview of our financial situation we will give updates here.

For now, every donation is very much appreciated and we feel extremely blessed with such an amazing community behind us.

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!

With love and gratitude, the Psy-Fi team.


Price of a full ticket and

receive a life long family



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