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Where is the festival?

-"Guardians of Gaia" Will be at the same amazing location as the last editions "De Groene Ster", Groningerstraatweg, Leeuwarden, Netherlands.

GPS: 53.213259, 5.868251


Where can I buy tickets?

- You can get your tickets right here:

Covid-19 and Psy-Fi

- We do not yet know what the exact situation will be regarding covid measurements. We will keep you updated as soon as we know more. In any case we will have to comply with the applicable law, whether we agree with them it or not :) 

Camping & Festival

When is the campsite opened?

The Camping gates open 12-09-2022 at 12:00 PM and close 20-09-2022 at 12:00 PM.

Is there no meat for sale on the festival?

-We no longer want to be any part of the current meat industry and have thus decided to become a 100% vegetarian festival. For some of you that may take some getting used to, but we encourage you to try out all the great vegetarian foods that we have to offer. If you really can't survive one week without meat, then you are welcome to cook up your own meat on the campsites of course.


Can I make a campfire on the campsite?

-Because of safety issues you can’t make fires on the campsite, fires can burn underground here for days. There are fires on the festival’s beaches. You can use gass stoves and bbq's if you like. For now there is still a code red in place which means that fires are not allowed anywhere in the country. We hope that the current rainfall will change that.


Are there day or weekend tickets?

-There are no day tickets for sale for the 2022 edition. However, we do sell tickets at the gates if we are not sold out. Ticket prices will drop in the weekend, we'll keep you posted on that.

Is there sound at night?

Yes there is!

These are the hours where all stages are open and blasting away :)

- Wednesday 08:00 - 23:00

- Thursday 08:00 - 23:00

- Friday 08:00 - 01:00

- Saturday 09:00 - 01:00

- Sunday 13:00 - 23:00

The chill-out and alternative stage will keep going on ALL NIGHT. We do have to reduce the volume  in the night though. We no longer offer headphones in the night. You could also join the jam stage where acoustic performances will be held all night.

If  a lower volume is not your thing, then you can always just wonder around, meet people, sit by a fire on the beach, explore the bazaar or take your time to really look at the art in the art space, get lost in the ambient forests or have a good rest and prepare yourself for the next long day that lays ahead of you.

We would also like to encourage you to bring your own instruments and jam whenever and where ever you like.

We wish you great days and nights, whichever way you choose to spend them.​

Where do we leave our trash?

-At Psy-Fi we care for the Environment.

We are a very big group of party people and we do leave a lot of trash behind. That is why we have joined forces with the PsyClean Crew since the very first edition. With their team of around 70 volunteers they will take care of a super clean festival. But we need your involvement as a visitor!


At the entrance you will receive a portable ashtray for free. Please use it for your cigarette buds, never throw them onto the ground! We don’t want them to poison the groundwater or animals of this beautiful land, do we?


Every visitor receives a garbage bag at the entrance. At the end of the festival we ask you to put as much trash as you can find into the bag and deposit it at one of our trash collection points. This way you can help us and the festival to keep the nature around us nice and clean.


If you have full trashbags that you want to get rid of during the festival, you can put them alongside the roads on the campsite and we will pick them up for you. (preferably next to a garbage bin).


If you run out of garbage bags, you can always get a new one for free at the info point.


All the trash we collect gets machine sorted behind the scenes by the recycle company, so you can be sure that cans, plastic, paper and organic waste are all properly recycled.


Thank you in advance for helping us to make our festival a cleaner experience. :)


Is there a lost and found?

-During the campsite opening hours you can turn to our info point and check if you see your belongings there :) If you have found an item on the festival then you can bring it to the info point. Thank you for your honesty and taking care of each others belongings.


Are our own food/drinks allowed on the campsite and festival grounds?

-Yes, but on the festival only plastic bottles are allowed for drinks, no cans or glass because of many people walking on bare feet. You can only bring in plastic bottles, no glass or cans. Please respect these rules as people can get seriously hurt from cans and glass.


Is there a family camping?

-No, but most of the campsite is quiet,

Especially on the far corners of the campsites.


Where can I park my car?

-All cars will be parked at our parking, which is a few kilometers away from the festival, please follow the signs along the road to guide you there. For mobile homes, please read below here.

Parking and Shuttles:

-Our parking  shuttles drive between 11 AM and 00:00
-Shuttles will stop a the campsite de Kleine Wielen
- To get to the parking area you can follow the yellow road signs marked with “X” .
-It is not possible to park on the festival area.

Are campervans allowed on the campsite?

-Yes they are . But there are limited spaces available on the campsite. We sell mobile home tickets separately. You need a mobile home ticket to be able to park your mobile home directly on the campsite. 


Do we have to pay for showers?

-No, that is not necessary, cold showers are for free but we do charge 1 coin (equals 2 Euros) for the hot showers.


My friend is an artist, can we camp with him/her on the artist campsite?

-No, but he/she can camp with you on the visitors campsite.


Can you camp next to your car?

-We have a great shortage of space to park all 4000 cars and we don’t like our campsites to look like one giant car park but rather like the beautiful nature camping that it is.  Parking on the campsite is therefor not possible.

Are dogs and other pets allowed on the camp site and festival?

-No, we did allow it for the first 4 editions, resulting in the abandonment of many dogs. Some of them were adopted and others went to the animal shelter. There were also many biting incidents and we've had to break in to cars when dogs were left there in the boiling sun. We feel that a crowded music festival with lots of noise is not the best place for your pet. So please leave your pet at home with a good babysitter :)


Where can I find the first aid?

-Right next to the main festival entrance and the entrance to the campsite "de Kleine Wielen".


Where can I find the Psycare?

-Next to the main festival entrance you can find the Psycare tent. Turn there if you need any help while tripping or information on substances and safe use.

I want to report theft, suspicious persons, an emergency, I need security.

Go to the info point, they will contact security/first aid for you.

Are there lockers available?

-Yes, you will find the close to the main festival entrance and on the campsite "de Kleine Wielen"


Is all the water from the water points safe to drink?

Yes, the Dutch tap water is of high quality.


Are fireworks allowed?

No they are not.


Are there any power sources on the campsite?
-No, but there is a phone charging station at the info point.


Am I allowed to camp outside the fences of the camping area?
-No you will risk a fine. Camping inside the bushes is nowhere allowed.


Can we use a gas stove to cook?

-Yes, but be careful please.


Can we use our own generator?

-No, there are no generators allowed on the campsites, we like to keep it quiet.


Can we use our own sound systems on the campsite?
-Yes but keep it down please and respect your neighbours, there is plenty of good music on the festival.


Can I place my tent anywhere I want?

-No, you have to stay inside the designated areas marked by red and white tape. Camping inside the bushes is nowhere allowed.

Is the water safe to swim?

-Yes, but stay close to the beaches, please.


What’s the price of a festival coin?

-It's 2,00 Euro for a whole coin and 1 euro for half a coin.

I’ve lost my wristband, what must I do?
-Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately we can’t give you a new one, you will have to buy one.


Are all drugs legal in Holland?

-No, just certain ones and we sell most of them in our head shop.  We do not tolerate GHB or Ketamine. Psylocibine containing Truffles are tolerated and so is weed. We do tolerate per person a maximum amount of 5 grams of softdrugs (weed for example) . Any kind of hard drugs is not allowed by law and you are required to voluntarily dump it in one of the canisters at the entrances. If hard drugs is found in your possession, you will be removed off the festival grounds.


Are we allowed to make pictures and use our video camera?
-Pictures, yes. Video, no, due to the artists rights. We prefer if people don't take pictures due to privacy of our visitors.


If I have a complaint and/or suggestion who can I talk to?
-Please turn to the info point on the festival or sent us an email on  We do really appreciate your feedback and discuss all suggestion forms and emails with our team in order to improve the festival each year.


Is the festival accessible for disabled people?

-Yes, it is. If you are in  need of a camping spot close to the festival main entrance due to your disability, we offer "special needs tickets" read more about those here


Where can I find the disabled persons toilet?
-Right behind the info point on the main road to the north campsite, in the toilet cluster.

Can I use my debit card to get money anywhere?

-Yes, at the ATM's in town. there is no ATM at the festival. You can use your card to pay for coins or to buy products in our supermarkets.

How do we get to the city?

-Right outside the festival gates on the other side of the main road you will find a buss to the city of Leeuwarden. But we also offer a cheap shuttle bus leaving from the north entrance, you will find the hop on spot right next to it.


Is the festival accessible for all ages?

-Yes, but persons under 18 must be supervised by a person above 18 years of age.

Where is the nearest coffee shop?

-Right in town you can find several, the bus will take you there. 


Is there a special area for children?

-there is no kids area but there are many places for them to play.

Is there a bulletin board where we can place messages?

-Yes, right at the info point.


Can I bring my bicycle to the festival area?
-Yes, bicycles are a great way to get around but be careful not to hit any- body with it.


What is the nearest airport?

-Eelde in Groningen, but not all destinations are available there, best is Amsterdam Airport. You get there by taking one of our shuttles from the northern entrance.


I would like to sell some things, crafts, jewelry etc. where can I do this?
-You can place a blanket on the flee market on the beginning
of our market street or at the global theatre stage. The only restrictions are that there is no power and you can not build up a stand. Our crew will drop by every once in a while to see how things are going and to ask you to pay a small fee.


Are the gates open 24/7?

-Yes. And you are free to leave and enter when ever you like as long as you wear our wristband.


Is it allowed to dock my boat there?

-No, it is not. 

My ticket did not arrive in the mail, what to do?

-Please contact, they can help you out.

I bought more then one ticket and they are all on my name, is this a problem?

-This is not a problem, but you need to change the names on the tickets to the names of attendees. We do check the names on the ticket with the name on your ID at the gates from now on to avoid the sales of false tickets. 


See you there!

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