When it boils down to it, the Freak Floor is a melting pot for freaky tunes, mostly Forest, Hitech, Psycore and Darkpsy. Like the last years we will focus here only on these genres.

The Freak Floor will run 24/7 with an adjusted volume in the night.

We will put a lot of extra focus on this stage this year, creating a space where every psychonaut feels right at home. We upgraded the sound system, the decoration and size of the dance floor once again.

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ALPSCORE (Alice D. Records)

ANTAGON (Damaru Records)


ANUBIS (Zulu Tunes Records)


ARCEK (Freak Records)


ARISHTAT (Katayy Records)


AUDIOPATHIK (Pleadians Records)


BACK TO MARS (Omveda Records)


BB THEORY (Totem Records)


CRITICAL FREAK (Freak Records)

D-LERIUM (3rd Bit)

DAASH (Osom Records)

DARK WHISPER (Alice D Records)

DEV (Kamino Records)

DIRTY SAFFI (Bom Shanka Records)

DUST (Looney Moon Records)

ENKELE REIS (Independent)

FLIPKNOT (Parvati Records)

FRIGHT RATE (Kamino Records)

FUTURO (Parvati Records)

GIZMO (Bom Shanka Records)

GLOSOLALIA (Dark Prisma Records)

INSECTOR (Kamino Records


IRGUM BURGUM (Psybaba Records)

JUSTIN CHAOS (Zero1 Records)

KABAYUN (Sangoma Records)

KEROSENE CLUB (Temple Twister Records)

KIBA (Damaru Records)

KINDZADZA (Osom Records)

LOOSE CONNECTION (Bom Shanka Records)

MANTICORE (Popul Vuh Records)

MINDPLAX (Mindplax)


NILEZZ (3rd Bit)


NUKY (Bom Shanka Records)


OBSCURUM (Sacred Sound Records)

PASTOR JOHN (Zulu Tunes Records)

PAUL B.(3rd Bit)

PHILOSO (KAMINO Rec./Freak Records)

PSYCKO (BlackOut Records)

PSYKELA (3rd Bit)

PSYMAX (3rd Bit)

PSYNONIMA (Freak Records)

RAORA (3rd Bit)

SAB SUNSHINE (SoundLab Pirates)

SANNERGY (3rd Bit)

SECTIO AUREA (Argot Digamma Music)

SELECTIVE MOOD (Damaru Records)

TZU JAN & INFRA (Anomalistic Records)

WICHURI (3rd Bit)

WILL O WISP (Dark Prisma Records)

XENROX (Kamino Records)

YAMINAHUA (Osom Records)

-Z- (Damaru Records)