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At Psy-Fi we care about our environment and nature in general. Every
year we find more solutions to reduce our footprint in nature. As we are a large group of festival goers and workers, we need to be aware of what we do and we feel it as our task to provide you with the best possible green solutions we can find.


On the festival you will see The PsyClean Crew walking around with their crew of 60, constantly cleaning up all the misplaced items they can find. They make sure, that the area is always as clean as it can be. After the festival is over, we leave the venue behind a bit cleaner then how we got it when we first arrived.

They have collected 54.775 kg’s of trash in 2018 compared to 75.376 kg’s in 2017. That’s 20.601 kilo less trash! An improvement of  27,33% Of which we are very proud.

They handed out 11.000 Ashtrays and 24.000 garbage bags.

They recycled all paper trash in 2018 and in 2019 they will recycle all cans and glass bottles as well.


We don’t allow glass or cans on the festival area to avoid littering and

injuries. Our stages and dance floors are cleaned completely every night so they are fresh in the morning.


At the entrance you will get a portable ashtray (PoAsh). The PoAsh is a recycled  PET-preform and each cap is screwed on by the helping hands of our volunteers. Please use it to help us keeping cigarette butts off the ground. They are harmful to plants and animals. 


You will also receive a garbage bag made of recycled plastic. Please put your trash in there and dispose of it in one of the almost 200 garbage points on the festival and camping area. 


Our drinks are served in re-usable cups, made of recycled plastics. We use a deposit system to make sure all cups are brought back to the bars to be washed and re-used.

Food and Community:

We are a 100% vegetarian festival, we do not support the current meat industry. You are welcome to bring your own meat, but we encourage you not to :)

On the market street we urge all food shops to serve as much organic and vegan food as possible, we have handed them a list of local suppliers and ask them to buy their stock there. We also urge them to use paper or wooden plates and cutlery, or even better reusables. Buying local foods saves in logistics (co2) and of course our recommended suppliers are all checked for fair trade and organic sources by us. 

All our crew food is bought from local (organic) suppliers or comes from our own gardens.

During the entire year that our crew lives and works on our community, maintaining our materials, building new installations, organizing the festival, etc. we eat from our own organic vegetable gardens and have a special agreement with local suppliers to consume what is otherwise thrown away as the product dates expire.

Our community is warmed by wood fires in the winter and cooking is
done on green gas or wood fires.

We recycle all decoration and left over materials such as wood, metal,
plastics and lycra and use them either for our next festival or for our

Transport, Fuel and CO2:

Like last year, all our generators are powered by Ssynfuel+ a unique fuel that is composed of vegetable oils and other renewable recourses. It reduces C02 emissions by 89% compared to normal Diesel fuel. All our vehicles drive on this fuel and our electrical vehicles are charged by the generators that run on this fuel. Next to this we transport ourselves on bicycles.


We have a water taxi on solar energy to transport visitors from one side of the festival to the other.


2,50 Euro per parked car on our festival goes to “trees for all” An
organization that has a huge economical, social and ecological value for local societies by protecting forests and planting new trees in deforested areas around the globe.

“Trees for all” plants around 3 acres of new forest for us this year, using your parking money.


We offer extensive transport options, such as shuttle services from the airport of Amsterdam to the festival, shuttles from Ozora festival and many countries in Europe such as France, Belgium, Germany and
Hungary. Touring cars are way more C02 efficient then cars so we
encourage you to use them.


Psy-Fi by Bike:

We offer a “Psy-Fi” by bike program that allows you to cycle to Psy-Fi in exchange for a free ticket. Read more about this offer on the Inpsyder page.

Water, Toilets and Compost:

Our festivals flushing toilets are being washed and flushed with water
from the lakes, saving tons of drinking water.

Our Dixie toilets (non flushing toilets) are filled with blue liquid,
completely organic that helps to compost the waste. The waste is
collected in a huge septic tank where it composts to be re-used on farm land.

Our hand washing stations are now hydro washers, an innovative product that allows you to wash your hands with tiny amounts of water under high pressure without the use of soap. On average a normal hand wash takes about one liter, the hydro washer does it with just under 10ml.



We hire an ecologist to help us map out the terrain and tell us where the local flora and fauna needs to be protected, think of mice, bats, molls, birds and specific rare species of plants.

We adapt our lighting to the routes that bats fly in the night and make
sure no parking or camping takes place on spots that need protection.

We also hire a company to make a complete analysis of our sound systems and its impact on nature and neighbours  They create an acoustical rapport that helps us reduce our impact to a minimum.

It's in the small things...

In every decision we take, big or small, we ask ourselves the “green”
questions, as an example we did not hire the normal Pvc cable gutters, but we chose for an alternative of locally produced gutters of recycled plastics.

What about you?

There are many more examples to name but most importantly is the fact that you as our visitor help us think about what you can do as you are a part of a huge group. So don’t leave your tent behind, take it back home with you and re-use it next year for example.

We would also like to hear your suggestions for us, maybe you know of great ways that we are unaware of to make our festival even more green, so share your ideas with us please :)

Screenshot 2019-06-22 at 11.50.11.png

We keep on working towards a trash free festival. One of the latest steps we took was to install a large composting machine in cooperation with Lab Vlieland. This machine directly composts all trash produced at the food court into usable compost. This compost will be used right here on the Psy-Fi land. It requires all food courts to work with compostable plates, cutlery and cups.

In  2018 we won the Frisian prize for cleanest festival and were awarded with a sum of 5.000 Euro. That money was directly invested into hiring the composting machine.

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